Saturday, July 7, 2007

My shrine to Duffy, 12/1/91 - 12/18-04

Melodie did the inscription when she was here on vacation. Duffy & I had been waiting a long time for Aunt Mel to come home and do this!

Me (right) and my BFF Jill. Oh, no wait, that's a commercial. Me and my BFF Melodie!

Me and my ex-dog, Tucker, who is now Melodie and her husband Jeff's dog. They brought him all the way from Florida so I could see him while there were home on vacation. Awwwww!
Some incredible light effects!

A cecropia moth. Apparently the are common around here, but I had never seen one before.

Blue Stokes Aster. Can't get enough of 'em!

My Butterfly Garden

This sweet little astible was a late season "rescue" last year. It's appreciating it's second chance!

Saturday, June 2, 2007

A whole new type of garage sale

Did we really need more proof of the intelligence of the human race?????

My Furbabies

This is Frankie. AKA Static Cat. He's named after Frank Sinatra. When I met him whenever I tried to put him down, he FLUNG himself at me and wouldn't let go. Hence the name Static Cat.

He's 18 pounds, but not fat, and is a big sweet baby.

Sammy, aka Psycho Sammy, named after Sammy Sosa. Before Sammy Sosa pulled a psycho act of his own, for which I have forgiven him, by the way.

Sammy likes to eat toilet paper as I am pulling it off the roll. No other time.

He's my medium cat. The only normal sized one.

And this is Sammie, also. Sammie the Deuce. She lived with friends who couldn't keep her, so she moved in here.

She was already named when she moved in here. I tried to convince her to change her name but she wasn't interested. So I have two Sammies!

She's TINY- only six pounds. So I have small, medium, and large!

And this is Murphy. The only dog left. He's a rescue, after living on the streets for several years.

He isn't named after anyone. He just seemed like a Murphy, so he is.

He's pretty neurotic, but I think he earned it after all he went through being a street kid.


A couple weeks ago, I put up extra fencing around my butterfly garden. Then, a couple days ago, I discovered that the gate was not closed properly. And here is the result of my indiscretion. Yeah, the gate is still not closed properly, so that Mama can get in and out. I am SUCH a sucker!

These two were taken today, Saturday, June 2nd. We had a horrible storm yesterday, and all I could think was "Oh, the bunnies! They're getting wet! What can I do?" Because, you know, wild animals, and especially bunnies, HAVE NEVER GOTTEN WET BEFORE!!!

Did I mention what a sucker I am about animals?????

Oh, look, they don't have their little bunny eyes open yet. AWWWWW!